Northern Kentucky Attorneys

Attorneys Robert Blau and Greg Kriege are the managing partners of the
Northern KY Law Firm of Blau & Kriege, PLLC. The firm originally named Jolly &
Blau P.S.C. was founded in Northern Kentucky in 1979 by Bernard Blau and A.J.
Jolly. Robert Blau joined the firm in 1982 and Greg Kriege joined in 1988.

Robert Blau & Greg Kriege have developed strong relationships with experts
who assist them in yielding the best results for your case. With over 60 years
of combined experiencewe have earned a reputation of success in Northern
Kentucky. Robert Blau has many accolades including winning some of the
highest paying jury verdicts in Northern Kentucky
. Over the years we have
represented thousands of clients. Previous clients refer a majority of our clients
to us.

We understand legal terminology can be confusing. We will provide you with
clear answers, no matter how complicated your questions may be. We will handle your case professionally and respectfully.

We break our practice into a few categories-

Auto Accident & Personal Injury

This includes car accidents, truck or semi accidents, motorcycle accidents,
and automobile accidents. It involves personal injury cases such as slip & fall,
wrongful or accidental death, pedestrian accidents, and dog bites.

Medical Malpractice

We are experienced in cases where the doctor has failed to properly diagnose
a life threatening condition, improper procedures, and negligent surgical
procedures that violate the accepted medical standards.

Criminal Law

Our practice covers criminal charges including felonies, misdemeanor, DUI,
possession and/or sale of controlled substances, burglary, assault, and
disorderly conduct.

Divorce & Family Law

We represent clients in matters of child custody and support, visitation rights,
divorce, division of debts and marital property, maintenance/alimony, business
evaluation, and retirement plans.

Workers Compensation & Social Security

We represent people regarding work related injuries, inability to return to work,
temporary and permanent disability, long term and short-term disability. (TTD,

Robert Blau predominantly handles auto, truck, motorcycle accidents, slip & fall,
defective product, divorce, custody, and criminal defense.
Greg Kriege handles social security, workers compensation, estate, probate,
wills, elder law, and real estate.

We offer a free initial consultation, so we encourage you to contact us.
Unfortunately we cannot take every case, but because we have been practicing
law for over 60 years in Northern Kentucky we know the best attorneys in the
area. We will refer you to an attorney we are confident will be able to best
represent your case and meet your needs.


3699 Alexandria Pike
Cold Spring, KY 41076

Phone: 859.441.5400
Toll-Free: 1.866.464.6724
Fax: 859.441.8248

Areas in Northern Kentucky that We
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